Jamaican "Temporary Rubber Handstamps" TRD's

"Temporary Rubber Handstamps were manufactured locally usually in Kingston by firms of retail stationers. They were intended for emergency use but have become the most common kind of cancel in use today."

Potter, 1996.

Ian Potter (1996) has produced a classification system for these many types of marks (based in part on the earlier work of others). Simply, the system adopted is as follows:

First a prefix letter (R, C or O) defines the shape of the mark (Rectangular, Circular or Oval)

Second is a numeral identifying the item type in the series (e.g. type "R1", a rectangular cancel with a single frame-line, or "R2", large rectangles with single- or double frame-lines. Similary, type "C1" is a circular cancel with a single frame-line, whereas type "C2" cancels have a double frame-line.

Third comes a forward slash ("/") followed by a number which identifies the item in the overall sequence of TRD's (e.g. type "R1/13" is a rectangular mark with a single frame-line and is number 13 in the TRD listings.

• This approach becomes more complex where the overall cancel remains common, but the nature of the interior lettering etc. differs. This is especially true of the many oval (type "O") handstamps where the lettering varies from plain sans-serif to serifed capitals; there may or may not be asterisks present and the text may or may not include terms such as "POST OFFICE/AGENCY" or "B.W.I." etc.. Potter distinguishes such differences by inserting identifying information after the cancel type (e.g. "O3*/38" will be item number 38; an oval cancel of type "O3", with asterisks. Or, "O3*BWI/38" would have asterisks and the lettering "B.W.I" within the mark.

• The approach taken by Potter has been followed in these pages and, for reference, examples of the numerous TRD marks are presented in the following lists.


Type "R" - Rectangular handstamps

Type "C" - Circular Handstamps

Type "O" - Oval Handstamps.