Listing of Jamaican Circular Temporary Rubber Datestamps

[Under Construction]

Many of these marks are of early usage. Some of the illustrations shown here are taken, with due acknowledgement, from those presented by Potter in The Postal Marking of Jamaica (1996), pp. 32-42.

C1/1 (21mm) Cave Valley, Devon, Lluidas Vale, Ulster Spring.

C1/3 (25mm) Bog Walk.

C2/5 (30mm) Bethel Town, Pratville, Stoney Hill.

C2/17 (27mm) Myers Wharf

C2/27 & C2/28 (27mm) Street Letter Box: Montego Bay

C2/43 (38mm) Franklin Town, Lookout.

C2*BWI/43a (37mm) Dundee, Kitson Town, Mark Hill, West Prospect, Woodlands.

C2PO/43b (38mm) Fairy Hill

C3*45 (36mm) Treasure Beach, Central Sorting (Kingston)

C3BWI/45a (37mm) Jacks Hill

C3TWI/45b (37mm) Drapers, St. D'Acre (Has "TWI" following "JAMAICA")

C3*/45c (43mm) Sheraton Hotel, Kingston

C3/45d (35mm) University of the West Indies & Mona.

C1/49 The remaining 6 types of Circular TRD's were all used for special occasions marks.